About Embassy Palace

1. Introduction

This state of the art modern building will be constructed at Baridhara Diplomatic Zone, a prestigious locality in the capital where a good number of foreign missions and their residences are located.

The government has designated this area for setting up of foreign embassies/ missions and their residences. The place is ideally located in Dhaka city and offers safety, security and comfortable living. The roads and lanes are much wider than those built in other areas of the capital.

The foreign embassies here have built their own buildings for their offices and residences. They are encouraged to do so since the land and the property belongs to the respective countries under provisions of the Bangladesh government.

2. Location

The plot is located besides a lake at Baridhara Diplomatic Area of Dhaka city. This is purely a residential area. Across the lake is the posh residential and commercial area of Gulshan. Both Baridhara and Gulshan areas are separated by this natural lake. On the same road opposite to the plot, the residence of the British High Commissioner, Japanese Ambassador and Chinese Ambassador are located. The British Club is also there.

Adjacent to this plot, there are residences of few dignitaries. Seventeen foreign embassies and their residences are located in this area. The prominent among them are the American Embassy, Canadian High Commission, British High Commission, Embassy of Philippines, Japanese Embassy, Chinese Embassy, Korean Embassy, German Embassy, French Embassy, Thai Embassy and a few others.

The Dhaka international airport is at a distance of 8.8 km from this location.

3. Address

The site for this prestigious building is at Plot # 6, Dutabash Road, Baridhara, Dhaka. The word “Dutabash” is a native word meaning “Residence of Foreign Diplomats.

4. Size of Plot

The total size of the plot in which the building is constructed is 7,096 square feet.

5. Description of Building

In addition to the basement and ground level, there are nine more floor levels plus the rooftop. The building will be constructed on a 7,096 square feet land. The built-up area is fifty percent of the plot size and remaining fifty percent is green area. The building layout provides parking space for18 vehicles.

The building will be equipped with two elevators, one eight person regular lift and the other a stretcher lift. SCHINDLER elevators will be installed.

There is provision for central CCTV monitoring for the entire building. CCTV coverage will be provided for the building for security purpose. In addition, trained security guards will be provided round the clock.

European designed kitchen and bathroom fittings by GROHE will be fixed. Heat and sound proof double glazed windows to be installed.

All doors, frames and shutters will be of solid teakwood. Provision for installation of AC units on all floors.

For backup power supply to the building during power failures or load shedding from the electric supply company, a powerful generator from PARKINS U.K. will be installed in the building to cover the entire electric functions.

There will be one triplex and three duplex. The triplex comprises of 7th, 8th and 9th floor plus the rooftop. The unique feature of triplex is, there will be an internal elevator for the three floors of Triplex.

The other three Duplex comprise of 5th and 6th floors, 3rd and 4th floors and 1st and 2nd floors. The lobby is located at the ground floor.

The TRIPLEX and the DUPLEX, all have their own swimming pool in their respective floors.

6. Architectural & Engineering Consultants

Mr. Muhammed Rafiq Azam, a renowned architect having international recognition is our Project Consultant. The first ever monograph on contemporary architectural practice in Bangladesh, dedicated to international-award-winning architect.

7. Structural & Engineering


i) Structural design parameters based on American Concrete Institute (ACI), American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM) and Bangladesh National Building Code (BNBC).

ii) Sub Soil investigation and soil compositions comprehensively analyzed in the laboratory by soil expert.

iii) Heavy reinforced cement concrete foundation and floor slab.

iv) Systematic structural combination of steel reinforced frame and shear wall core.

v) The design is developed considering earthquake resistance up to 8.0 Richter scale and cyclone speed up to 210 km/hr

vi) Termite control treatment (pre and post) and wall plastering to be done with anti-fungal/ anti salt chemical treatment.

vii) Direct supervision at every stage of construction by a team of experienced and qualified engineers and architects to ensure top quality workmanship.

8. Commencement and completion of Project

The execution of the proposed project will commence as soon as the rental agreement is signed between both parties. It is expected the project to be completed in three (3) years time from the date of signing of the agreement.

9. Type of Apartments

One Triplex and three Duplex.This is a south facing building, one of the popular choices when it comes to orientation of your apartment. In Bangladesh south orientation of your home means it gets constant cross breezes and have comfortable interior with ample light and ventilation. This is especially beneficial during summer when temperature can get very high. A good architectural design will ensure most of your apartment’s bedrooms, common spaces are south oriented.

10. Approvals

The project is approved by RAJUK (Government City Development Authority). RAJUK Approval No: RAJUK/2539000010634951/17/1140 STHA Date: 14/12/17

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